Oilon's history

  • 2019

    Heat pump manufacturer Suomen Lämpöpumpputekniikka Oy was acquired

  • 2018

    venäjän tehtaan avajaiset

    Factory to Russia

  • 2017

    Tero Tulokas

    Tero Tulokas nominated as CEO

  • 2016

    Oilon ACE ja Insinöörityöpalkinto

    Oilon ACE was launched

    Finnish national engineering award for the most advanced NOx reduction technology


  • 2015

    Oilon Stream poltin

    Stream burner series was launched

  • 2014

    Avajaiset Thomasvillessä

    Factory to Thomasville USA

  • 2013

    Oilon ChillHeat

    ChillHeat industrial heat pump line was launched

  • 2012

    Oilon Monox

    Monox burner series was launched

    Sales office to Brazil

  • 2011

    Oilon Ultrax ja Scancool

    Heat pump manufacturer Scancool was acquired

    Oilon Ultrax burner series was launched

  • 2010


    Renewable Energy Research Centre Energon was opened

  • 2009

    Päivi Leiwo

    Päivi Leiwo started as Chairperson of the board

  • 2006


    CFD engineering started at Oilon

  • 2005


    Second phase to Lahti R&D centre

  • 2002

    MLP ja Wuxi

    Factory to Wuxi China.

    Oilon started residential heat pump manufacturing

  • 1999

    Hofamat was sold to China

  • 1998

    Oilon Lenox

    Oilon Lenox burner series was launched

  • 1997

    Eero Pekkola

    Eero Pekkola was nominated as CEO

  • 1994


    New R&D center to Lahti

  • 1993

    Oilon started exporting to China

  • 1989

    Oilon acquired a German burner manufacturer Hofamat

  • 1984

    Oilon S-Burner burner series was launched

  • 1981

    Oilon Junior poltin

    Oilon Junior LF1 burner to market

  • 1980

    Process burner

    Oilon Superblue Low Nox oil burner to market.
    Oilon TP-Process and powerplant burner series launch to market .

  • 1974

    Ossi Leiwo

    Ossi Leiwo received 100% ownership of Oilon and was nominated as CEO
    Power plant and process burner production was launched

  • 1971

    Lahti factory was built

  • 1969

    Residential oil burner production was launched

  • 1964

    First export sales to Russia

  • 1963


    Urho Lehto was nominated as CEO

  • 1961

    Moving to Lahti, Ossi Leiwo joined to the company and acquired 50% of the shares                            


  • 1961


    Founded in Helsinki by Urho Lehto, Sirkka Lehto, Jorma Manssila, Juhani Paatelainen, Keijo Oilio. Business idea to develop and produce heavy oil burners for house heating.