Data center heats Swedish homes

22nd of January 2019

Energy company E.ON and cloud technology company Online Group partnered up for a joint construction project in Vallentuna, near Stockholm,Sweden. Their new data center is one of the most ecologically advanced in the world. Cooling the center’s servers generates waste heat, which is transferred into Vallentuna’s district heating network with energy efficient heat pumps and is then used to heat the city’s households. The center is cooled with renewable energy.

– The entire cooling capacity of the data center is transformed into heat energy and transferred into the district heating network with two Oilon ChillHeat P300 industrial heat pumps, describes E.ON Project Manager Nils Svensson. The ChillHeat heat pumps simultaneously cool the center and utilize the generated waste heat to produce high-temperature heat energy for the district heating network. The total cooling
capacity of the data center is 500 kW in the first phase, with a final capacity of 2000 kW.

– Oilon’s heat pumps provide us the benefits of excellent energy efficiency, the option for partial loads, HFO refrigerant, high-temperature output and compact size, Svensson praises. The heat pumps in Vallentuna are scaled for producing 85-degree water, but can reach up to 100 degrees if required. The
equipment uses the R1234ze refrigerant, which has a very low environmental impact.

– The heat pumps in Vallentuna retain their superb energy efficiency even when used at a lower capacity. Heat pumps are usually equipped with eight compressors. This makes it possible to modulate the cooling capacity between 10 and 100 percent without diminishing the coefficient of performance, says Oilon’s Sales Manager Samuel Östman. – In the Vallentuna center, the waste heat is captured with heat pump technology exclusively. It is economically competitive.