Capacity range: 100 – 1 000 kW

Oilon ChillHeat S 180 – S 490


The capacity of one industrial heat pump is 100-1000 kW, depending on the temperature levels. By connecting in series the capacity will be increased. The Oilon Selection Tool program allows you to easily calculate the performance values of ChillHeat industrial heat pumps under different conditions.

The models S180-S490 in the series S of Oilon ChillHeat industrial heat pumps manufactured in Finland produce up to +85 degrees of water with high efficiency. These S-Series models use energy-efficient, reliable proven and compact screw compressors with plate heat exchangers.

Key benefits:
The S-series heat pump enables high efficiency for both water cooling and heating in a compact size. Heat pumps can be used to produce a base load for high temperature solutions. This series provides a solution, especially for challenging applications of the process industry.

The models S180-S490 in the series S of Oilon ChillHeat industrial heat pumps are well suited for utilizing waste heat in processes as well as for large water cooling applications requiring heat recovery at the same time.

  • Industrial process cooling and heating
  • Large properties
  • District heating and/or cooling
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