Oilon Care Service

You can register your heater or order maintenance here

OilonCare is a system with which a customer can order servicing for heating equipment 24/7. A message concerning the need for service is quickly transmitted to the selected service company by SMS or e-mail. The service company checks the more detailed information on the service request from the system and contacts the customer. After servicing has been carried out, the customer is notified by SMS or e-mail.

You can register a new heating device or change your contact details from the link below. Updating the data will require the serial number of the equipment.



Returning warranty forms and updating service information


OilonCare functions as an electronic place for returning warranty forms and a register for service data. Here, you can see your customer details and maintain installation and servicing information. If you use the OilonCare system, you will no longer need to return warranty forms by mail.

Installation and service companies


You will need a user ID and password to use this service. If you do not have them, you can request them here. 

You can read OilonCare Privacy Policy here.