Oil burners for detached houses


Oilon Junior Pro is the warm heart of your home

Junior Pro burners have been on the market for over twenty years already. During that time, they have proven to be extremely reliable, efficient, and easy to operate. That is why we have continued to keep the Junior Pro in our catalogue, and we are now offering a modernised version of it. The new Junior Pro retains all the good qualities of its predecessors. It is easy to install, commission, and maintain. Its boiler hatch has been designed to comply with the latest regulations, and the new chassis and burner flange construction allows inverted installations without any extra equipment.

The Finnish-made Oilon Junior Pro burner has been constructed using only well-known high quality components. It is designed, manufactured, and tested operate in the demanding conditions in Finland.


  Junior Pro


• The burner’s hinge construction allows opening to the left or to the right, making it quick and easy to clean the nozzle and combustion head
• Normal yearly maintenance work can be carried out without opening the burner’s cover
• All electrical components are equipped with standard plugs
• Oil viscosity 4 – 6 mm2/s (Cst), +20°C
• Oil pump pressure 800 – 1,600 kPa (8 – 14 bar); factory preset approx. 1,000 kPa (10 bar)



Technical data


Junior Pro

Burner capacity EN-267


LJ10: 1,4 - 2,3
LJ18: 1,7 - 2,8
LJ20: 2,3 - 4,1
LJ45: 3,0 - 4,8
LJ50: 2,3 - 6,5
LJ10: 17 - 27
LJ18: 20 - 33
LJ20: 27 - 48
LJ45: 36 - 57
LJ50: 27 - 77

Dimensions, mm
355 x 300 x 305

Weight, kg

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