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Oilon CUBE

Oilon CUBE


The Oilon CUBE ground source heat pump is compact in size yet it has a large,
built-in stainless steel domestic hot water (DHW) buffer tank. Hot water is
produced using an advanced and efficient heat exchanger instead of the
traditional coil of a DHW buffer tank. Thanks to its large, efficient DHW heat
exchanger, the Oilon CUBE boasts best-in-class return levels and hot water

The CUBE has near-slient operation*, because the compressor unit is housed in an
acoustically damped, fully sealed casing, which can also easily be removed, e.g.
during transport.

The Oilon CUBE is energy-efficient, easy to use, reliable and stylish. It is perfect for
new buildings or retrofits, and for under floor or radiator heating. The pump size is
module-scale (depth 63 cm), so it can also be integrated into the cabinetry.

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• Built-in, nearly 200-liter stainless steel DHW buffer tank
• Hot water produced by an efficient heat exchanger
• Efficient, optimized and acoustically sealed compressor unit, which can easily and quickly be removed
• Speed control and energy-efficient pumps
• Control for two heating circuits as standard
• Control for brine cooling
• Soft starter as standard
• Control for hybrid heating system as standard
• Clear and easy-to-use display panel
• Control for three heating circuits (accessory)
• Easy remote access via a cloud service (accessory)
• ModBus connection (accessory)
• Easy and quick to install

* A-weighted sound pressure less than 40 dB(A) at a distance of 1 meter.

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