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Oilon Junior ECO

Oilon Junior ECO

The Oilon Junior ECO ground source heat pump unit together with a separate
control panel is a high-quality basic solution. Combined with a thermal storage tank or DHW buffer tank, it is a modern, reliable and very affordable solution. The Oilon Junior ECO can easily be connected to a hybrid solution for an existing tank, for example, a wood boiler, oil heating or electric heating tank.

In order to ensure near-silent operation* the compressor unit comes with an acoustically damped, fully sealed casing.

This energy-efficient and easy-to-use heat pump range is particularly suitable for renovation projects. It is also easy to install in new buildings on the technical state, and thanks to its small size, can even be integrated into the cabinets.

The Oilon Junior ECO is suitable for applications with underfloor heating or radiators,
fan coil units equipped with a water radiator.

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• Very compact design
• Easy to connect to an existing heating system
• Efficient, optimized and acoustically sealed compressor unit
• Speed control and energy-efficient pumps
• Wiring between the compressor unit and the control unit ready connected (quick coupling)
• Control for two heating circuits as standard
• Control for three heating circuits (accessory). With an exchange valve, control for three heating circuits as standard
• Control for hybrid heating system as standard.
• Clear and easy-to-use automatic display panel
• Soft starter as standard
• Easy remote access via a cloud service (accessory)
• ModBus connection (accessory)
• Easy and quick to install, wirings ready

* A-weighted sound pressure less than 40 dB(A) at a distance of 1 meter.


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