Ground source heat pump - Oilon MH

Oilon MH Ground source heat pump

The Oilon MH ground source heat pump has a built-in, 220 liter domestic hot water (DHW) buffer tank. No separate buffer tank is needed, saving a lot of space. The Oilon MH is also quick to install, lowering installation costs.

The Oilon MH is energy efficient, easy to use and reliable with a clean, elegant design. In addition to the soundproofing in the frame, the compressor has a separate housing to ensure quiet operation. The Oilon MH is suitable for new buildings and retrofits.

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• Large built-in DHW buffer tank, 220 liters
• High efficiency, COP
• Wireless remote control with room temperature sensor
• Control for two heating circuits as standard
• Speed control and energy-efficient pumps
• Easy and quick to install:
- Pre-connected main switch and outdoor sensor
- Pre-connected outdoor sensor, mixing valve for DHW, diverting valve and heating circuit filling valves
• All sensors pre-connected
• Brine circuit can be connected from either left or right side
• Option to control three heating circuits, one of which can also be used for
cooling (accessory)
• ModBus connection (accessory)


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