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Large scale heat pump
Oilon RE

Oilon RE

Oilon RE is a ground source heat pump for large properties and suitable as a heat source for public buildings, industrial properties, tower blocks and terraced houses, for instance.



All Oilon RE -models can be equipped with a superheater which produces hot water with very good COP or with a subcooler providing virtually free low heat e.g. to the garage or terrace. High-quality scroll compressors ensure a long product life and trouble-free operation with an intelligent and versatile automation. Several Oilon RE ground source heat pumps (up to 16 pieces and the total output over 2.6 MW) can be connected in parallel to cover even large energy needs of buildings.

The versatility of automation also enables other energy sources to be combined to create an effective entity. In addition to geothermal energy, for example solar energy and oil or gas heating can be used. Heat pump automation system selects the energy option that is generated in the cheapest way at any given time.