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With the Oilon Plus filter and de-aerator unit, the oil pipeline between the tank and the burner can be realised as a single-pipe solution in an environmentally friendly way. Oilon Plus saves the burner and reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance of the burner, minimising burner failures caused by impurities possibly arising from the oil, pipeline or tank. There are two models available, Oilon Plus for 10-350 kW and Oilon DoublePlus for 200-1,300kW.

The Oilon Plus single-pipe system is a smart system that ensures effective filtering of oil and automatic degassing. A single-pipe system prevents an oil leak that may arise due to the breakdown of the return pipe of a two-pipe system. The device has a highly effective replaceable 20 μm cartridge oil filter. Its filtering area is large and removes all particles that might interfere with the operation of the burner from the oil. A vacuum gauge warns of the filling of the filter, with a green and a red area on a scale. When the pointer enters the red area, the filter should be replaced. After the filter, the oil enters a Tiger Loop de-aerator device, which removes any air bubbles from the oil. This is important for the disturbance-free operation of the burner. The Oilon Plus prevents overfill of fully filled serial tanks due to the high return oil volume of the oil pump.

The Oilon Plus single-pipe system is designed for detached houses and small properties with capacity of less than 300 kW. It is easy to install in old and new oil-heated houses alike. In old houses, one only needs to plug the return pipe and connect Oilon Plus to the intake pipe. In new houses, only one oil pipe needs to be conducted between the tank and the equipment.




Oilon Plus

Oilon Plus - Filter and de-aerator unit





In case one runs out of oil or some other reason, a back-up electric heater should be installed in a modern oil boiler, or a ground source heat pump buffer tank, for example. An electric heater in the boiler's water space is automatically switched on when the boiler water temperature becomes sufficiently low.

The Lämpöparoni electric heating element is designed as a back-up heater system in a fuel boiler or buffer tank. It switches on automatically and keeps the house warm when, for instance, the system runs out of oil. Single-step Lämpöparonis feature capacities of 3.0 (VB 3010), 4.5 (VB 4510) or 6.0 kW (VB 6010). The Lämpöparoni electric heating element contains an electric heater with an R2” thread and a control centre with a terminal strip for input lines, main switch, temperature controller to prevent overheating, a three-terminal adjustment temperature controller and a signal lamp that is lit when the electric heater is operating.

The two-step Lämpöparonis feature powers of 6.0 (VB 6001) or 9.0 kW (VB 9001). The adjustment temperature controller is four-pole and two-step. The total capacity is therefore connected in two steps.

The cartridge K-060 is delivered as a mere tube boiler without a heater element. The maximum permitted power of the cartridge is 9 kW.