Política de responsabilidad

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Política de Calidad y Responsabilidad Corporativa


Nuestra Visión abarca nuestra Política de Responsabilidad Corporativa, ofrecemos a nuestros clientes soluciones de energía sostenible.

En el corazón de todas las nuestras operaciones está nuestro compromiso con la mejora continua y la conducta empresarial responsable. Nosotros cumplimos con nuestras responsabilidades, teniendo en cuenta los aspectos económicos, sociales y ambientales en los procesos de toma de decisiones. A través de la mejora continua de las operaciones y de calidad, nuestro objetivo es lograr efectos ambientales positivos y responder mejor a las expectativas de nuestros representantes.

Nuestras operaciones son rentables y tienen en cuenta la responsabilidad ambiental y social. Vendemos y comercializamos nuestros productos en todo el mundo, respetando todas las normativas locales y estamos alerta a cualquier cambio en las mismas.


Responsabilidad financiera



  • Para nosotros, la responsabilidad financiera es generar beneficios adicionales a los nuestros representantes y a la comunidad local.

  • Nuestras operaciones son rentables, competitivas y financieramente sólidas. Basamos nuestras operaciones en la satisfacción del cliente y en la alta motivación de nuestro personal. 

  • El bueno resultado financiero es la base y requisito previo para que seamos capaces de cumplir con las responsabilidades sociales y ambientales.




Responsabilidad ambiental


  • De acuerdo con nuestra misión, nuestro objetivo es ofrecer a nuestros clientes una alta eficiencia y soluciones de energía amigas del medio ambiente para el desarrollo sostenible.
  • Mejorar la eficiencia energética y de recursos, así como reducir el nivel de emisión de nuestros productos aún más, son los puntos principales de nuestra responsabilidad ambiental.
  • Desarrollamos soluciones que respondan a los desafíos del desarrollo sostenible. También capacitamos a los usuarios finales y empleados con el fin de reducir el impacto ambiental y mejorar la seguridad operacional.
  • Desarrollar equipos de calefacción basado en fuentes renovables de energía es uno de nuestros principales objetivos.

Responsabilidad social


  • Somos un socio valioso y de confianza, que garantiza el bienestar y la satisfacción de sus representantes. 
  • Apreciamos una comunicación transparente y honesta con nuestros clientes y representantes.
  • Empleados cualificados y motivados son la clave para la realización de nuestra responsabilidad social.
  • En el campo de la industria de energía, garantizamos que nuestros productos cumplen con todos las normas de calidad y seguridad, así como las expectativas de nuestros clientes. 


Aceptamos el desafío de participar en el desarrollo de una sociedad sostenible. Como una empresa familiar, ahora en su segunda generación, es importante para nosotros que las generaciones futuras también puedan disfrutar de un entorno limpio y natural.




Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct is our tool to be a trusted partner and to conduct business responsibly. We promote fair employment conditions, safe working conditions, responsible management of environmental issues, and high ethical and legal standards in all our business practices. Our corporate vision embodies our corporate responsibility policy: we provide our customers with sustainable energy solutions and carry out our business in a sustainable way. As a family-run business, already in the second generation, it is important to us that future generations will be able to enjoy a clean and natural environment.

The Code of Conduct shall be valid for all our employees, suppliers, partners and third parties we do business with. We expect our employees and business partners to act professionally, responsibly, with integrity and honesty, and to meet the same standards as stated in this Code.

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Oilon sells and markets its products worldwide, complying with all applicable laws in each country where such business activities take place. Among these are laws and regulations regarding fair competition, corporate governance, privacy, product safety, intellectual property rights, anti-corruption as well as labor laws. Oilon supports and respects the protection of human rights as defined in the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Environmental Responsibility

Oilon is committed to sustainable innovations and development. Our concern for the environment sets us continuous development targets. According to our mission we aim to provide our customers with highly efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions for sustainable development. Increasing energy and resource efficiency, constantly lowering the emission levels of our products as well as developing new solutions for energy production and new technologies for renewable energy sources is the core of our environmental responsibility. We implement this through innovation and continuous research and development.

Financial Responsibility

For us, financial responsibility is providing added value to our business partners, stakeholders and the society. Our operations are profitable, competitive, and financially sound. Oilon’s books and records are complete, fair and accurate and comply with all legal reporting requirements.


Oilon’s business is driven by strong family company values, where re¬spect for others is one of the most important. Skilled and motivated employees are Oilon’s most important resource and the basis for a productive business. Our goal is to create and maintain an excellent working environment, which of¬fers our employees meaningful work and creates opportuni¬ties for continuous professional development. Our guiding principle is to offer equal opportunities to all our employees. Oilon respects human rights and does not accept any form of discrimination. We value a diverse and international working environment.

Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety of employees is a priority at Oilon. We create and maintain safe working conditions, machines and working methods for all employees and provide training for our employees to acquire all skills and knowledge needed to maintain high occupational safety standards. All our employees are responsible for complying with the safety instructions, for using personal protective equipment when required, and for reporting on any possible shortcomings regarding safety instructions or protective measures.

Conflict of Interest and Anti-Corruption

Oilon expects full loyalty from its employees. Employees must avoid situations where their personal interests may conflict with those of Oilon. No Oilon employee or business partner may, directly or indirectly, promise, offer, pay, request, or accept bribes or kickbacks of any kind, including money, benefits, services or anything of value. Such payments and favors may be considered bribery. An exception may constitute a gift or entertainment of a minor value given on an occasional basis, providing it does not create a conflict of interest.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

Confidential Information and Intellectual Property are some of Oilon’s most valuable assets and protecting this information is critical to our success. Employees and business partners must protect Oilon’s Confidential Information and Intellectual Property, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, trade secrets, and similar and take all reasonable steps to prevent its disclosure, loss, theft, damage or unauthorised use. The responsibility to protect this information continues beyond the termination of employment or contract. At the same time we have the obligation to respect Confidential Information and Intellectual Property Rights of others.

Company Property

Company property should only be used for legitimate business purposes. We expect our employees to take good care of company property and prevent its loss, damage, misuse or theft.

Reporting Violations

Any employee, business partner or other third party, who becomes aware of a possible violation of the Code, has the duty to report it. While it is natural to have doubts about raising such a concern, everyone is strongly encouraged to do so.
If there are any questions, the need for guidance or reasons to believe that a provision of this Code has been violated, or that oneself may have violated the Code, this should be promptly reported to one’s supervisor, a Human Resources representative or the next level of management. Oilon will investigate all reported matters with discretion. No negative action will be taken against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith about potential violations of the Code or for seeking guidance on how to handle suspected violations.


Violations of this Code are subject to disciplinary action and may lead to a warning, termination of employment or contract and payment of damages. 





Oilon Group ISO 9001 EN
Oilon Group ISO 14001 EN 


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