Leisure home, Lahti, Finland

Hybrid system: Oilon AWpro 10 air-to-water heat pump, wood and electricity




When Ilkka and Maiju Alasippola from Lahti planned the construction of a holiday home and a beach sauna on the scenic shore of Lake Arrajärvi, it was important for them that architecturally impressive buildings merge into the landscape and meet modern building regulations for energy efficiency. From the beginning of the construction project, it was clear that the fireplace and the trees in the area would be mainly used for heating. Since Ilkka and Maiju are not always at home, there was a need for another heating method besides just the fireplace. In addition, warm water for washing and other chores is needed during the warm season, when the apartment is not otherwise heated. 

Thus, they chose a hybrid system for heating the apartment, in which Tulikivi's water-circulation fireplace and Oilon's AWPro air-to-water heat pump are combined with the water circulation heating system. When the fireplace is not used for heating, the automation switches on the air-to-water heat pump and ensures that heat and warm water are sufficient. Built in three levels, the apartment is radiator-heated, and the bottom floor also has water-circulating floor heating.

Wood heating and air-to-water heat pump complement each other

“The air-to-water heat pump is an excellent complement to wood heating. The appliance switches on automatically when we are away or when we do not use wood for heating during the warm season. Then the air-to-water heat pump heats our domestic water, ” says Alasippola about their heating methods of choice. 

The Alasippolas’ holiday home has an Oilon AWpro air-to-water heat pump and the fireplace connected to the same heater, which heats the hot water-heated building and domestic water. The system is also equipped with an electrical resistor for use in the coldest season, for example. 

Excellent efficiency and easy installation

Ilkka Alasippola says that their choice was guided by ecological and energy-efficient thinking. Geothermal heat and an air-to-water heat pump were both considered during the building’s design phase. Of these two, the air-to-water heat pump was selected with the advantage of easy installation on the exterior wall of the building. 

“The efficiency of the air-to-water heat pump is excellent and the installation was easy and affordable. Something I noticed in use is that the device is also really quiet, practically imperceptible," tells Alasippola.

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