Oilon Oy Scancool Industrial Heat Pumps And Refrigeration Systems

We are leading Finnish supplier of refrigeration systems and manufacturer of heat pumps and chillers. The industrial refrigeration expertise of Oy Scancool Ab, established in 1984, created a solid foundation for Oilon Oy Scancool’s current cooling and heating applications.

Systematic design and extensive testing ensure the optimal performance and reliability of our systems and equipment. We use environmentally friendly technology and materials in the manufacture of our cooling systems and heat pumps. We only use natural refrigerants and HFC and HFO refrigerants with low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

We offer commissioning and refrigeration system maintenance services anywhere in Finland as well as in other Nordic countries. Our specialists provide consultation services in several countries in projects that require top expertise in cooling, refrigeration plant automation, heat recovery and heating.

Topical news

Heat pumps we have delivered to Uruguay have won awards for energy efficiency.
Oilon Scancool has come up with a novel concept for enhancing energy balance in the hotel sector by replacing the conventional chillers used for central air conditioning and acclimatization using a heat pump. The concept eliminates completely need for combustion in heating water for bath, kitchen, laundry and swimming pool. On top of providing significant economy for the hotels, eliminating the use of fossil fuels contributes on reducing establishment´s direct carbon footprint, providing a sustainable option for ecologically aware travelers.
Wastewater plants start cooperation in energy savings and heat recovery
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Cooling and heating Jevnaker community

Oplandske Bioenergi AS, Jevnaker, Norway

Waste heat from the refrigeration of a speed-skating track is utilized in an efficient manner.

Cooling Vaasa central hospital

Vaasa Central Hospital, Vaasa, Finland

The hospital facilities are cooled using a natural refrigerant.

Heating School of Sakarinmäki


Helen Oy, Sakarinmäki, Finland

A hybrid heating solution that utilizes renewable energy raises excitement at the Sakarinmäki school.

Kraftringen MAX IV Lab, Lund, Sweden

Kraftringen MAX IV Lab, Lund, Sweden

A particle accelerator provides extra heat for the neighboring residential areas.

Kesko Oyj, central warehouses 1 and 2, Vantaa, Finland

Kesko Oyj, central warehouses 1 and 2, Vantaa, Finland

After commissioning of refrigeration solutions, maintenance plays a vital role in the continuing functionality and profitability of operations.