Industrial heat pumps and cooling machines


We manufacture Oilon Chillheat industrial heat pumps and cooling machines in our factories in Lahti and Kokkola. Chillheat machines use HFC/HFO refrigerants with low GWP (Global Warming Potential). These high-efficiency heat pumps and cooling machines come in three different product series – P, S and RE – and they are suitable for a wide variety of liquid-liquid heating and cooling applications. The P-series industrial heat pumps can produce water temperatures of up to 100°C with full capacity, partly up to 115°C

ChillHeat heat pumps and cooling machines are compact in size, reliable and easy to use. Multiple machines can be connected in series or parallel for an efficient and flexible total operating system. Versatile automation is one of the key features of the ChillHeat product series, ensuring the production of cooling and/or heating power even under most demanding process conditions. The flexible and easy-to-use interface guides the user in the energy efficient use of heat pumps.

For Finnish markets we also supply other manufacturers’ HFC/HFO, ammonia and CO2 machines for industrial cooling and heat pump applications.


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