Montes del Plata, Uruguay

The world's largest pulp mill, Montes del Plata, is located in Punta Pereira, Uruguay.
The plant produces 1.3 million tonnes of cellulose, which is mainly made of the eucalyptus trees grown on the plant.
Montes del Plata

End user: Stora Enso, Finland-Sweden and Arauco, Chile
Boiler supplier: Andritz Oy, Finland
Oilon delivery:

Recovery boiler burners                                      
12 pcs start-up burners RT-14F, 43 MMBTU /burner, fuel num6 oil   
4 pcs load burners RT-50S, 150 MMBTU /burner, fuel num6 oil

1 pc process gas burner MT-25K,  73 MMBTU /burner, fuels process gases, methanol, fuel num6 oil 
Fluidized bed boiler burners
1 pc start-up burner RL-450, 40 MMBTU /burner, fuel num6 oil 
2 pcs load burners RT-50S,  100 MMBTU /burner, fuel num6 oil 
1 pc process gas burner MT-18S,  30MMBTU /burner, fuels process gases, methanol, fuel num6 oil 
Auxiliary boiler burners
4 pcs process gas burners MT-18S, 46MMBTU /burner, fuels  thin process gases, fuel num6 oil