Oilon Selection Tool

Oilon Selection Tool (OST) is a versatile engineering tool that allows users to quickly and easily match a project to the required application. OST contains the latest information on Oilon products, ensuring that the selected solution fits the application perfectly. The application is intended primarily for dealers and engineering firms.

Thanks to its streamlined user interface, the tool is simple to use. Your project’s background information, the relevant product selection, and the most important calculation results are presented in the same view. You can select additional equipment for your product and review a wide range of different technical data. Additionally, the tool allows you to print out a detailed quotation template.

One of the biggest benefits of Oilon Chillheat heat pumps is that you can combine them to create solutions for different applications. This requires extensive calculation, which is handled by the tool itself. The individual heat pump units as well as evaporator and condenser connections are presented through clear graphics, making it easy to grasp the whole. Designing a heat pump system is simple, provided that process conditions such as the required capacity and the required inlet and outlet temperatures are known.

Finding the right solution from Oilon’s extensive burner portfolio requires effective filtering capabilities. Selection criteria range from burner capacity to various burner properties and, increasingly, emission limits.

Ground source heat pump selection is supported with various graphs. When you enter a building’s details in the tool, the building’s annual heating energy consumption will be displayed as a graph on the screen. To compare different heat pump models’ heating capacity against this graph, all you need to do is hover the cursor over product names, and the capacity curve will be overlaid on top of the graph. Once a heat pump has been selected, the tool will calculate the potential savings generated in terms of energy, operating costs, and emissions compared to other heating methods.

You can download Oilon Selection Tool by clicking one of the links below. Without a license, Oilon Selection Tool can be used in trial mode. If necessary, request a license from an Oilon representative.

In case of a problem you can reach us by email, address: selection.tool@oilon.com

Download Oilon Selection Tool for Windows 64-bit

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