Technical support and service

We keep our products in good working order throughout the product’s lifecycle

Our customer services ensure a long life for your product and guarantee excellent performance over the product’s lifecycle. We offer professional support services that cover everything from safe commissioning to annual maintenance and spare part services. You can turn to us if you need support in system design or help in modernizing your equipment.

You will have our decades of experience at your disposal. Our worldwide network of qualified dealers and service partners ensures that we can offer reliable and comprehensive support and customer service anywhere around the globe. You can order replacements for broken components directly from Oilon Webshop or by contacting our spare part services team.

For industrial and domestic heat pumps, we provide digital and IoT services that support troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. When the need arises, our specialists will participate in maintenance projects and take care of large overhauls, such as replacing compressors. With our specialized training and advisory services, we promote competence and professional development across the entire sector.

In addition to burner commissioning and maintenance services, our service portfolio includes combustion system modernization. Modernization enhances the operation of existing burner systems, lowers operational expenses, and reduces the system’s impact on the environment. One of our combustion technology and modernization specialists will plan out the required burner system renovation based on your needs. We can renew the entire system or improve its operation by upgrading parts of the system. A burner modernization project can involve, for example, burners, valve gear, automation equipment, and fuel systems.

Consumer services

Consumer support is provided primarily by Oilon’s competent network of dealers and service partners. If you have any questions concerning Oilon Lämpöässä ground source heat pumps or other consumer products, please contact the dealer who delivered the product or contact a repair service near you. Our partners will help you with warranty issues, technical problems, and questions relating to servicing and upgrades.

Technical support for dealers, service partners as well as industrial and energy plants

We support dealers, service partners as well as industrial and energy plants with direct technical support. If you have a technical problem, we are always ready to help you. We will answer any questions you have about warranties, maintenance, and servicing.

Use the Oilon Care service to submit warranty forms and update a product’s maintenance and servicing details.

You can find the contact details for technical support and servicing on the Contact us page.

Spare part sales

During commissioning, Oilon equipment is adjusted for optimal performance based on the local conditions. To keep a product efficient and in good working order throughout its life, the product and the associated equipment must be maintained. A regularly maintained machine is environmentally friendly and economical to run.

Our spare part service will support the customer throughout the product’s life cycle. Our services include

• spare part recommendations for all applications,
• customer contact management and quotations,
• spare parts for servicing and maintenance, and
• parts covered by warranty.

Additionally, our representatives and dealers around the globe will help address your spare part needs. If you are a consumer who has an Oilon product, please contact the dealer who delivered the product.

Email addresses for our spare part sales:

Oilon Webshop

Service partners and dealers can order spare parts directly from our Webshop. Contact our spare part sales team for the required login details.

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Warranty claims

Issue a warranty claim for a defective spare part by completing the warranty claim form. Heat pumps and burners each have their own form. The warranty claim form includes instructions for returning the defective spare part. Please complete the details in the form carefully.