Oilon ChillHeat RE 210 - RE 420

The cost-effective RE series industrial heat pumps produce cooling and heating in a compact package. Several RE industrial heat pumps can be connected in series, resulting in an energy-efficient and flexible system that produces water temperatures up to +144 °F with a good COP. The heat pumps are reliable and easy to use, and they maintain a high efficiency even at partial loads. RE heat pumps are especially well suited for ground source applications and space heating.

ChillHeat RE industrial heat pumps are also well suited for industrial process cooling and heating. They work well in ground source heating systems and are an excellent choice for providing cooling and heating for office buildings and similar properties. A versatile automation system enables reliable and energy-efficient operation even in demanding process conditions.

With the Oilon Selection Tool application, you can design a heat pump system that matches the project’s requirements exactly. Additionally, Oilon ChillHeat heat pumps can be connected to Oilon Global Monitor, a cloud solution which continuously monitors the system’s operation. If there is a problem, engineers can troubleshoot the issue remotely, minimizing unplanned downtime.

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