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The heart of an energy-efficient heating and cooling system are the heat pumps. These systems, however, are essentially controlled by an auxiliary system, including e.g. circulation pumps, accumulator tanks, metering devices, and automation that drives the entire system. By optimising the heat pumps with the auxiliary system, the best possible performance is achieved, even when conditions change. The result is energy-efficient cooling or heating – or a combination of both CHC (Combined Heating and Cooling).

Oilon ChillHeat end-to-end solutions are always customised according to the power capacity needed. The customer only needs to know how much heating and/or cooling is needed. Whenever necessary, Oilon also provides support for designing extremely high-powered heat pump systems.

Oilon end-to-end ChillHeat solutions include:

  • Design:
    Selecting the heat pumps according heating and cooling requirements
    Planning the auxiliary system and automation
  • Delivery:
    Factory-tested ChillHeat high-temperature heat pumps and their auxiliary systems installed in a portable container
  • Start -up & commissioning and user training
  • Maintenance and remote monitoring services

Capacity range: Oilon ChillHeat end-to-end solutions consist of one or several industrial-sized heat pumps. The capacity range is 30 kW – 50 MW. High-capacity systems are created by connecting several ChillHeat heat pumps together.

Key advantages: Oilon ChillHeat end-to-end solutions offer excellent overall efficiency, wide part-load range and superb part-load efficiency, and redundancy. Reliability is high and maintenance costs are low. The spatial footprint is small.


  • District heating and cooling
  • Process heating and cooling for industry
  • Large buildings

Industrial Heat Pumps in Lidl Helsinki


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