Board of Directors and Management Group

Board of Directors

Kjell Forsén
Chairman of the Board
Päivi Leiwo
Vice Chairperson of the Board
Vesa Pylvänäinen
Member of the Board

Management Group

Tero Tulokas
Aarno Laukkanen
Chief Financial Officer
Petri Virta
Chief Business Officer, Residential Heat Pumps
Mika Tyrväinen
Production Director

Tapio Murtonen
Chief Business Officer, Burners
Jukka Luostarinen
Chief Customer Service Officer
Martti Kukkola
Chief Business Officer, Industrial Heat Pumps and Chillers
Tuija Timonen
Human Resources Manager
Juha Aaltola
R&D Director, Heat Pumps
Sami Pekkola
CEO, Oilon US Inc.
Joonas Kattelus
R&D Director, Combustion Technology
Martti Kauhanen
CEO, Oilon Russia
Marko Kylä-Sipilä
Head of Department Global Customer Engineering
Ville Pekkola
General Manager, Oilon Burners Wuxi Co. Ltd
Marcus Libanori
Director of South America