Ground source heat pumps

A ground source pump works by extracting heat from the ground. This thermal energy is then used to heat your home and provide hot water. As a bonus, the heat pump can be set up to provide cooling during the summer months straight from the ground and almost for free. The sun heats up the earth, which stores the heat as geothermal energy. A ground source heat pump can utilize the renewable solar energy stored in soil, bedrock, or even a body of water. Compared to traditional heating systems, a geothermal system will typically reduce heating costs by 65–75 per cent. When you request a quote for a ground source heat pump on our website, we will prepare a cost savings estimate for your building with our representatives. It is advisable to ask for a cost estimate already when considering your options. Note that the cost savings estimate is provided for free, and doesn’t bind you to anything.

Getting an Oilon or Lämpöässä ground source heat pump system is easy. Our experienced representatives will help make the process go as smoothly as possible. Going big or keeping things compact? Building a new home or renovating a classic? Whatever your need may be, the range of Oilon and Lämpöässä heat pumps will have a solution for you. Get a closer look at our heat pump options below!

ECO EasyAce
ECO ground source heat pump NEW!
ECO’s small exterior hides a serious little powerhouse. Thanks to its compact size, ECO is easy and quick to transport and install almost to any space, even inside a cabinet. The unit will be delivered with an easy-to-use wireless touch screen.
Capacity range: 4.7–21.1 kW
CUBE ground source heat pump NEW!
For its affordable pricing and small size, Oilon CUBE is a real giant for space and DHW heating.
Capacity range: 4.7–12.7 kW
Oilon RE -kiinteistölämpöpumppu
Oilon RE
Townhouses, apartment houses, industrial properties
Capacity range: 27,6 – 95,4 kW
Oilon ECO Inverter+ uuden teknologian helppokäyttöinen ja monipuolinen maa­lämpöpumppu, joka säätyy teholtaan au­tomaattisesti käyttötarpeen mukaan.
Oilon Junior Eco
For buildings up to 600 m²
Capacity range: 4,7 – 21,1 kW
Oilon CUBE House on laadukas suomalainen maalämpöpumppu, joka sopii sekä uusiin että vanhoihin taloihin.
Oilon CUBE House
Town houses
Capacity range: 4,7 – 12,7 kW
Oilon Cube Inverter -maalämpöpumppu
Oilon CUBE Inverter+
Town houses
Capacity range: 2 – 12 kW
Oilon Junior ECO -maalämpöpumppu on turvallinen, kotimainen valinta.
Oilon ECO Inverter+
Town houses
Capacity range: 2 - 25 kW