Industrial heat pumps

We manufacture Oilon ChillHeat industrial heat pumps and chillers in our factories in Lahti and Kokkola in Finland. ChillHeat industrial heat pumps and chillers are suitable for a wide variety of cooling and/or heating applications in large real estates, industry and production of district heating and cooling. Example applications include i.e.

for large real estates or district solutions
• real estate cooling and production of district heating
• district heating and cooling
• ground source heat pump system
• comfort cooling
• heat recovery from municipal waste water treatment plants

and for industry
• waste heat recovery and heating or production of district heating
• process cooling and/or heating
• high temperature process heating

ChillHeat industrial heat pumps and chillers are available with standard HFC refrigerants, low GWP as well near zero GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants. The ChillHeat product family consist of three product series which are the up to 120°C capable high temperature P-series products, the high capacity S-series products as well as the RE-series products which are very well suitable for i.e. ground source applications. The reliability of the ChillHeat industrial heat pumps and chillers combined with their wide operation and part load range ensure an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of producing cooling and heating.

ChillHeat heat pumps and chillers are compact in size and easy to use. Multiple heat pumps can be connected in a series for an efficient and flexibly operating whole. Versatile automation is one of the key features of the ChillHeat product family, ensuring the production of cooling and/or heating even under demanding process conditions. The flexible and easy-to-use interface guides the user in the energy efficient use of the heat pumps.

Oilon also delivers ChillHeat end-to-end solutions for both heating and cooling. These include Oilon ChillHeat industrial heat pumps, auxiliary systems, automation and installation. The system is always tailored according to the target facility and the output needed. By connecting several heat pumps together, a capacity of up to 50 MW can be achieved.

Capacity range: 100 – 1000 kW
Capacity range: 30 – 1 000 kW
Capacity range: 100 – 1 000 kW
Capacity range: 100 – 4 000 kW
Oilon ChillHeat solutions
Oilon ChillHeat end-to-end heat pump solutions enable reliable and energy-efficient heating and cooling for various applications. The end-to-end solutions include Oilon Chillheat high-temperature heat pumps and their auxiliary systems installed in a container. Oilon also offers maintenance of heat pump solutions.
Capacity range: 30 kW – 50 MW
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