Industrial heat pumps – Boosting the energy transition

To combat climate change, we need new ways of producing energy. Oilon’s energy-efficient industrial heat pumps are a tangible solution for reducing emissions. Besides traditional HFC refrigerants, we offer HFO refrigerants with an extremely low or near-zero global warming potential (GWP). Our heat pumps are a flexible solution that can be used for different heating and cooling applications in industrial operations and large properties as well as for district heating and cooling.

Combined heating and cooling – tapping into industrial waste streams

Modern heat pumps allow companies to use heat sources which would be otherwise difficult or impossible to use. For example, low-temperature waste heat from industrial processes can be used as a source of energy for district heating.

The best coefficient of performance can be achieved with combined heating and cooling (CHC). In CHC solutions, a heat pump cools down one part of a process and uses the extracted energy to heat up another part of the process, reducing the need for traditional forms of heating. This arrangement can be used to create a fully carbon-neutral heating and cooling solution.

Excellent connectivity

Oilon ChillHeat units can be combined into different systems. By connecting heat pumps together, the system’s capacity can be increased, the system’s flow temperature increased, or both. The selection process is supported by Oilon Selection Tool, which provides indispensable help with system sizing.

Remote access to accurate information about system operation

Oilon ChillHeat heat pumps can be connected to the Oilon Global Monitor cloud service, a remote solution for monitoring system operation. Engineers can diagnose potential problems remotely, which means that there is no need to fly out a technician to another part of the world. Customers, in turn, can view extensive system data through a web browser.

Oilon ChillHeat P 30 - P 450
Oilon ChillHeat P series industrial heat pumps can produce water temperatures up to +120 °C with an excellent COP even at extremely low partial loads. They are especially suited for industrial applications and district heating production.
Capacity range: 30 - 1 000 kW
Oilon ChillHeat S 180 - S 580
Models S 180 - S 580 in the Oilon ChillHeat S range are well-suited for applications requiring high capacity, such as utilizing waste heat from processes and large-scale water chilling that requires simultaneous heat recovery.
Capacity range: 100 - 1 000 kW
Oilon ChillHeat S 600 - S 2000
The high-capacity models in the Oilon ChillHeat family, S 600 - S 2000, are well-suited for demanding water chilling or waste heat recovery in large properties and industrial applications.
Capacity range: 100 - 4 000 kW
ChillHeat RE heat pump
Oilon ChillHeat RE 210 - RE 420
Oilon ChillHeat RE heat pumps provide high capacity in a compact package. ChillHeat RE heat pumps are especially well suited for ground source applications and space heating.
Capacity range: 100 - 1000 kW
Oilon ChillHeat solution-CHC
Oilon ChillHeat solutions
When delivered as a comprehensive solution, Oilon ChillHeat heat pumps offer exceptional reliability and energy efficiency.
Capacity range: 30 kW - 50 MW