Research and development at Oilon

In a rapidly-changing world, product development is indispensable. It allows companies to ensure business profitability and future growth and improve competitiveness within their selected markets. At Oilon, the purpose of R&D is to steer the company towards expanded know-how, improved technological capability and better products – towards the best possible sustainable energy technology.

The goal of our research and development efforts is to utilize inventions and innovations in developing and managing both existing and new products. We are constantly mapping out development needs from a multitude of sources. Our efforts focus on customer needs, research, and new technologies as well as market needs and regulatory requirements. The key areas in our product development include energy efficiency, the environment, usability, product appearance as well as considerations for production and maintenance. Our research and development activities are handled by Oilon Technology Oy, a firm within the Oilon group.

Oilon products are developed in close co-operation with experts from different stakeholder groups. A big part of our development process is computer-assisted simulation and digital twin modeling, which allows us to optimize the properties of our products and systems before extensive prototyping and testing. We can fine-tune product properties for maximum performance and create the best possible service solutions.

The bulk of our experimental work takes place in two research centers, both in Lahti, Finland, and in separate test stations located at our production sites around the globe. These facilities are equipped with precise measurement systems for verifying the heating or cooling provided by our products as well as their other properties (emissions, power consumption, and noise and vibration levels).

Another important part of our R&D is the development of digital tools, IoT systems, automation, and user-friendly user interfaces. For years now, Oilon has been heavily invested in IoT-based solutions. Already, the majority of heat pumps delivered by Oilon are IoT-enabled. Our customers have the option to monitor and manage their devices over a remote connection and generate reports covering device utilization, energy output, and the cost savings generated. Corresponding systems for burners are currently under development. Additionally, we are working on AI-based solutions that would automatically assess equipment performance, supporting both optimization and preventive maintenance.

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“We invest approximately 6% of our annual revenue in research and development.”