OilonCooling cooling units

Extremely efficient cooling improves self-reliance

OilonCooling is a cooling unit that integrates into your Oilon ground source heat pump system. The system utilizes passive cooling, which is the most economical solution for effective cooling.

With a small premium over your ground source heating investment, you receive a simple and environmentally friendly way to cool your home and improve the comfort of living almost for free.


Technical description

OilonCooling operates independently from the heat pump. The system extracts cooling energy from the ground and transfers it to indoor spaces through an OilonCooling unit. The only operating costs for the ground source cooling solution are associated with running the system’s circulation pump and fan. Compared to an air-source heat pump, for example, an OilonCooling system will cool your home at a fraction of the cost. The environmentally friendly OilonCooling system has an extremely high coefficient of performance.

The cooling units are selected based on the required cooling capacity and installation location. We offer both ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted options. The units are available in two different sizes. As no changes to your home’s existing ventilation system are required, the system is quick to install.

Cooling units can be installed both in single-family homes and larger properties for apartment cooling.

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