Värmebaronen electrical heating equipment

The Värmebaronen VB range features automatic backup immersion heaters for ground source heating systems and oil heating systems.

Single-stage heaters and their output

  • VB 3010: 3.0 kW
  • VB 4510: 4.5 kW
  • VB 6010: 6.0 kW

Two-stage heaters and their output

  • VB 6001: 6.0 kW
  • VB 9001: 9.0 kW

Single-stage immersion heaters are equipped with a three-pole control thermostat. When powered on, the heater will always operate at full capacity. Two-stage immersion heaters have a four-pole thermostat, and the heater operates in two stages (at partial capacity or at full capacity).

A Värmebaronen electric immersion heater comprises a heating element unit (for an R2″ threaded port) and a control box with a terminal strip for power cables, main switch, limit thermostat (for overheat protection), control thermostat, and a power indicator light for the heating element.

Värmebaronen container for electric immersion heater

The K-060 container for electric immersion heaters is delivered as an empty cylinder without a heating cartridge. The maximum output for heaters installed in the container is 9 kW.

Värmebaronen electric boilers

Electric boilers can be used as a primary heating solution or for supplementary heating in bivalent ground source heating systems. EP 26 E and EP 42 E

The E series includes two output options: 26 W and 42 W. The boilers have 7 power stages. The electric heating elements are made of stainless steel. E series boilers have an automatic control system with connections for external blocking as well as capacity control via a voltage or current signal. A load guard and power transformers are supplied as standard. EP 31–300 NG

The capacity range for the NG series is 31–300 kW, and several boilers can be connected together for up to a 3-MW output. The boilers have either 7 or 15 power stages. The NG series has a more advanced automation system, which includes a level guard, residual current monitoring, and other additional features. The boilers have an integrated circuit breaker that switches off mains power in case of a fault. The electric heating elements are made of stainless steel.

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