Oilon Plus -suodatus- ja ilmanpoistolaite
Capacity range: 10 - 1,300 kW

Oilon Plus

With the Oilon Plus filter and deaerator unit, only a single hose is required between the oil tank and the burner, making for a more environmentally friendly system. The unit reduces wear and tear and protects the burner from faults caused by impurities in the oil (from the oil tank, the hose or the oil itself), reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance.

There are two models available

  • Oilon Plus for 10 – 350 kW burners, and
  • Oilon DoublePlus for 200 – 1,300 kW burners.

An Oilon Plus single-hose system is a neat and elegant solution that not only filters the oil effectively but also removes any gas bubbles in the stream. A major benefit of a single-hose system is that there is no risk of oil leaks caused by a break in the return line.

The Oilon Plus single-hose system is intended for single family homes and other small buildings (with a burner capacity less than 300 kW). The system is easy to install in both existing and new buildings with oil heating. If installed in an existing system, the return inlet is first plugged, and the Oilon Plus unit installed in the suction pipe. In new buildings, only a single hose needs to be installed between the tank and the burner.