Research and development centers

Research and product development are key factors for Oilon’s success. The company has excellent research and training facilities in the city of Lahti, Finland, with everything required for design and engineering, testing and experimental work, and different kinds of training courses and sessions. Oilon’s continuous product development and innovation is supported by versatile laboratory facilities, which have been equipped based on both the company’s own needs as well the requirements of applicable product standards. The company’s measuring equipment is calibrated and its traceability ensured pursuant to the EN ISO 17025 standard.

To promote continuous development of heat pumps, the laboratories are equipped with a wide range of test benches. This allows the company’s engineers to develop automation systems, functions, connections and configurations for heat pumps, as well as to improve their operation and efficiency in different conditions and at different loads. The facilities are also suitable for investigating the behavior of ground-source boreholes at actual loads.

The company’s combustion technology research and burner development, in turn, is supported by twenty test run boilers, which range from small hot water boilers to large setups used in power plants. The laboratory’s equipment includes an FTIR flue gas analyzer, suction pyrometer, paramagnetic oxygen measurement system, as well a range of systems for measuring fine particles.

 One of the two research centers is also used for training sessions and courses focusing both heat pumps and burners, allowing us to support theoretical training with practical exercises. Our training and educational services cover a wide range of essential topics, with an emphasis on how to use and service Oilon products as safely and energy-efficiently as possible. The aim of such training is to constantly improve the expertise of domestic installation, maintenance, and repair companies.