Nationwide Boiler Inc., a leading provider of innovative boiler equipment solutions, announced successful test results that validate ultra-low NOx performance at less than 2½ ppm for their in-stock 350 hp firetube boiler package. The comprehensive 3rd party source test was conducted at the Superior Boiler factory in Hutchison, Kansas by Montrose Air Quality Services, a company that is well-known for their expertise in emissions testing. The data report revealed NOx emissions output of less than 2½ ppm, corrected to 3% O2, when firing the boiler at low through full capacity. This proven 2½ ppm ultra-low NOx boiler / burner package is a testament to Nationwide Boiler’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable, new and retrofit solutions.

Nationwide Boiler’s VP of Sales, Jim Lieskovan, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, “Our partnership with Superior Boiler as well as Oilon, a global leader in burner and heat pump technology, coupled with our dedication to sustainability, has resulted in an exceptional product that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. This achievement underscores our commitment to providing customers with the most advanced and environmentally responsible boiler solutions available, and we are thrilled to be able to offer another proven and reliable 2½ ppm NOx solution to our customers.”

The 350 HP Superior package firetube boiler is in-stock now and equipped with Oilon’s LN30 (also known as the ULN2.5) ultra-low NOx burner. The burner is constructed with patent pending technology that achieves single digit, ultra-low NOx with lower residual oxygen, no air filters, and no flue gas recirculation (FGR) while utilizing conventional gas delivery pressures.

Designed and built entirely by Oilon, one of the largest burner manufacturers globally, the UL approved LN30 burner line comes with an extensive support network provided through Nationwide Boiler and Oilon’s in-house engineering, service, and R&D teams. Complete burners, currently rated at 70 HP through 450 HP, and repair parts are readily maintained in-stock within Oilon’s Thomasville, Georgia facility, ensuring prompt service and parts availability for Nationwide Boiler customers. Furthermore, the Oilon LN30 burner offers a 5-year guarantee for the burner head and extension, providing customers with added confidence in the longevity and reliability of the company’s burner solutions.

Nationwide Boiler Inc. is more than a world-class rental boiler company. They supply temporary, new and used package boilers, combustion-related equipment and emissions reduction and sustainable solutions for a wide range of industrial processes. The company offers their CataStak™ SCR system as another proven 2½ ppm NOx solution, available for package boilers, fired heaters, and other fired equipment applications. With over five decades of experience, Nationwide Boiler’s team of experts are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient solutions that meet the needs of their customers while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Text and image: Nationwide Boiler Inc.

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