Text and image: Nationwide Boiler Inc.

Nationwide Boiler Inc., a leading supplier of temporary and permanent boiler equipment and ultra-low NOx solutions, recently completed the commissioning of a new 250 hp Superior package firetube boiler for Taiga / Exterior Wood, a leading pressure treated wood supplier. The new equipment package was sold and commissioned by the company’s Controls Division, Nationwide Control Solutions, located just one mile from the customer’s facility in Washougal, Washington.

Equipped with an Oilon LN30 ultra-low NOx burner and Nationwide Boiler’s Eagle PLC-based Control System, third party source test results for the new 250 hp package boiler reported average emissions performance of 5 ppm NOx and 0 ppm CO (corrected to 3% O2). These results easily satisfied the NOx emission requirement of 12 ppm mandated by the Southwest Clean Air Agency (SCAA), the organization responsible for overseeing policies and regulations for air pollution control within the jurisdiction. The results also validate the Oilon LN30 burner as a viable single digit ultra-low NOx burner solution for package boiler applications.

“Through additional formal testing, the LN30 burner has proven to be a viable 2½ ppm solution. As the exclusive Oilon representative for California, Oregon, and Washington, we look forward to offering this established ultra-low NOx solution and providing quality equipment that satisfies both current and future sustainability goals.” stated Jim Lieskovan, Nationwide Boiler’s Vice President of Sales.

Built by Oilon, one of the world’s largest and most established burner manufacturers, the LN30 ultra-low NOx burner produces single-digit NOx levels without flue gas recirculation (FGR), combustion air filters, complex controls, or elevated natural gas delivery pressures. Turndown ratios as high as 4:1 can be achieved while satisfying sub 50 ppm CO requirements. A five-year burner head warranty combined with a standard one-year parts warranty demonstrates Oilon’s commitment to providing quality, reliable ultra-low NOx solutions to the growing U.S. market. For standard and expedited delivery options, Oilon maintains a large inventory of complete burners and replacement parts within their Georgia facility, and Oilon burners can be equipped with the PLC-based Eagle Control System or a standard Siemens LMV package.  

Learn more from Nationwide Boiler’s press release here New 250 HP Boiler/Burner Package Achieves 5 PPM NOx Performance at Source Test – Nationwide Boiler Inc.