A dependable companion on the journey towards electricity based energy production

The first step in reducing emissions from energy production is to replace coal or other fuels that put a heavy burden on the environment with natural gas, netting an up to 50% saving in CO2 emissions. Another major benefit of natural gas combustion is that sulfur emissions and particulate emissions are eliminated. The cleanest possible combustion can be achieved with Oilon’s ultra-low-NOx products, such as Oilon ACE.

Natural gas combustion will be followed by hybrid solutions that combine energy produced by combustion with heat pump solutions. Heat pumps allow operators to use the energy produced more efficiently, for example, by capturing waste heat and utilizing it in heating and process applications.

Heat pumps can also extract heat from free sources, such as the soil. CO2 emissions are cut in half again, amounting to a 75% total reduction from the original. Additionally, reduced energy consumption results in substantial savings in energy costs. For hybrid operation, Oilon offers ground source heat pumps and the Oilon ChillHeat range of industrial heat pumps and chillers. Burners remain a key component of energy production.

The end goal is to produce heating energy, cooling energy, and fuel with renewable electricity, again reducing CO2 emissions by half. The highest temperatures required by industrial processes will be produced using renewable and the cleanest possible fuels, such as hydrogen produced using wind power. Compared to coal combustion, the CO2 emissions sustainable heating and cooling will be reduced by more than 90%.