Starting today, Oilon will manufacture and market heat pumps under a single brand. The company will stop making Lämpöässä heat pumps in 2023. The decision was made as a response to the rapid growth in the ground source heat pump market, improving Oilon’s ability to expand in international markets.

Oilon heat pumps have been produced in Lapua, Finland ever since Oilon acquired Suomen Lämpöpumpputekniikka in 2019. The production of Lämpöässä heat pumps in Lapua goes as far back as 1983. Now, Oilon will discontinue the Lämpöässä brand and focus exclusively on Oilon products.

“Oilon has had a strong position in the domestic market. Finland will continue to be the principal market for Oilon heat pumps; however, this new focus allows us to strengthen our exports substantially. In the international marketplace, Oilon heat pumps are a well-established and competitive product. In the future, we want to focus our efforts on this product: its sales, marketing, and development both in Finland and abroad,” says Marko Terho, the chief business officer for Suomen Lämpöpumpputekniikka Oy, a subsidiary of Oilon Group.

“In Finland alone, the ground source heat pump sector grew by more than 20 per cent in 2022. The strong growth trend is expected to continue especially in larger heat pumps. We want to respond to the demand in the best way possible and ensure that Oilon will continue to be known for our heat pumps both in Finland and abroad. This means that we need to clarify our product selection and strengthen our own brand,” Terho says.

Unique expertise from Lapua

Managing two brands and two different production lines is not cost effective in terms of sales, production, storage, servicing, and product development. Additionally, the poor availability of components in the last two years has created its own challenges in managing such a wide product selection.

“Acquiring the production capacity in Lapua, Finland three years ago was a good, strategic decision. It gave us an effective production process, unique heat pump expertise, and a large number of skilled employees based in Lapua. Even though the story of one brand has reached its end, the expertise remains. Now we have an excellent capability to strengthen Oilon’s standing as a forerunner in heat pump technology,” Terho says. Pending orders will not be affected by the changes. All orders placed for Lämpöässä heat pumps will be completed as usual, and Oilon will continue to sell products as long as there are components in stock. Product warranties will remain in force, and Oilon guarantees spare part availability for years to come.