Continued growth and success for Oilon in the Americas

North and South America are two extremely different markets with one thing in common: huge potential for growth. In the north, there is a lot of mature industry and ambition, and, in the south, growing food markets and lots of space for innovative business.

Many companies have been attracted to North America by its well-developed industry and uniform market. Oilon saw their opportunity already in the 90s, and would soon start burner deliveries to the USA. There is plenty of room for growth: in the United States alone, there are thousands of boilers currently in need of a burner replacement. Furthermore, U.S. companies have never shied away from investments – instead, even large-scale overhauls are typically completed in one go.

In South America, Oilon’s burner sales span decades. The company’s Brazil sales office has been in operation since 2012. As Oilon burners are widely used across South America, spare part sales are a key part of the company’s operations in Brazil. Currently, one of the most interesting sectors is the food industry. Industry operators need not only burners but also reliable and energy-efficient refrigeration solutions. Already today, there is promising growth in heat pump sales.

Growing sales require bigger facilities

Oilon’s U.S. factory opened its doors in 2014. Located in Thomasville, Georgia, the facility serves customers in the United States, Canada, and across South America.

The company’s sales are growing rapidly in the USA, and so is the company’s U.S. team. In 2021, Oilon USA relocated to a new facility, doubling the floorspace to 6,000 sq. m. The old factory had become cramped: Storage and dispatch had been a bottleneck for a long time, and there wasn’t enough room for customer training.

The new facility will allow Oilon to keep pace with development and shorten the time from order to delivery. New boilers have also been purchased to speed up burner testing.

The company’s latest move in North America was the introduction of industrial heat pumps, a product family Oilon has had in its global portfolio for years already. The UL and CSA approval process for the heat pumps is currently underway, with an expected completion in 2023.

The company’s U.S. business is managed by Oilon Group’s Sales and Marketing Director Sami Pekkola.

“We offer a full range of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions, reliable commissioning services, maintenance and servicing as well as training for our customers in North, Middle, and South America,” Pekkola says happily. “To support our sales in the Americas, we have hired a lot of new staff to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.”