Find the best solution for your heating and cooling needs with Oilon Selection Tool

Be it for an industrial location requiring high heating or cooling capacity or a heating solution for a single-family home, Oilon Selection Tools will help you with optimal equipment sizing.

Oilon Selection Tool (OST) makes it easy and simple to select products and accessories from Oilon’s extensive selection of burners and heat pumps. The application is intended primarily for helping dealers and engineering agencies with product selection and sizing. With our user-friendly software, you can select several products for quick comparison and perform advanced system calculations. The tool allows you to view extensive product information and calculation results and create detailed technical specifications.

Clear visual presentation and a printable summary with power consumption data

An optimally-sized product performs efficiently and generates the greatest possible cost and energy savings. The application shows the building’s energy consumption, the heat pump’s performance, and the capacity produced as a clear graphic, making it easy to compare different products. Users can print out a clear and well-structured summary for customers to review, showing the data used for sizing and an estimate of the solution’s power consumption.

The most energy-efficient solution for demanding, high-capacity applications

Oilon Selection Tool helps users select the most energy-efficient solution for industrial processes or large properties that require a high heating or cooling capacity. The application makes it easy to compare different units’ heating and cooling capacities, power consumption, coefficient of performance (COP), turndown ratio, and other relevant details, such as their monthly power consumption.

Contact our sales team to start using Oilon Selection Tool

Oilon Selection Tool can be used without a license in trial mode. To access the full capabilities of the tool, contact your Oilon representative for a license.

Download Oilon Selection Tool for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the Oilon website, here.