Increasingly stringent environmental regulation requires burner modernization

Many industrial and power plants and processes are subject to extremely stringent NOx emission requirements that can be impossible to meet with aging burners and combustion systems. If the boiler and other equipment is in good working order, swapping out the old burner is a smart and economical solution.

Burner modernization extends the life of boiler assemblies, reduces emissions, and, in many cases, results in considerable savings in fuel costs. There are a lot of aging combustion systems around the world, which means that a rapidly-increasing number of companies are initiating modernization projects.

The scope of these projects varies – modernization may involve the boiler system’s burners, automation, valve gear as well as filtering, pumping, and preheating units. The bill can add up quickly, which means that the final solution must stand the test of time and account for new emission requirements, operational safety norms, and other regulatory changes in the future. Perhaps the most important example is the regulation of nitrous oxygen (NOx compound) emissions.

Oilon ACE

Oilon ACE burners utilize extensive internal flue gas recirculation (IFGR) which reduces nitrogen oxide output to a fraction of a traditional burner’s emission levels. The burner family’s capacity range is 3,000–90,000 kW, and the burners come equipped with a modern automation system for control, remote monitoring, and support functions.

Oilon ACE is a perfect solution for burner modernization projects. The burners work especially well in water tube boilers. An ACE upgrade typically results in a considerable reduction in emissions without having to install a bulky and costly flue gas recirculation (FGR) system. Typically, the burners have met the emission requirements with room to spare, making them a lasting solution as emission requirements continue to tighten. In Europe, Oilon has completed modernization projects with several leading partners.

The proven Oilon ACE burners have been joined by Oilon ACE 2. The new ACE burners feature a redesigned combustion head that makes them a better fit for fire tube boilers. With light fuel oil, the burners can achieve emission levels under 200 mg/Nm3. Oilon has patents pending for the new burners in China, the USA, and Europe.

An SSAB steelworks in Finland modernizes their burners

When SSAB Europe’s steelworks in Hämeenlinna could no longer get spare parts for their aging burners, it was clear that the plant’s burner equipment had to be updated. According to SSAB Europe’s service engineer Teemu Ryhänen, the second argument for modernization was that NOx emission requirements were becoming increasingly stringent.

“We selected Oilon’s Low NOx burners thanks to their low emissions and the potential to reduce emissions even further,” Ryhänen says. “Our first burner modernization project is already complete, and the second one will follow later. Our co-operation with Oilon has been smooth in both projects, and everything has gone as agreed. We’re very happy with the Oilon burners,” Ryhänen continues.