Local presence is a key value for our customer

Paikallisuus on asiakkaallemme iso arvo

Suomen Kiinteistölämpö Oy’s recipe for success is a combination of wanting to be best company in the business and having a reasonably-sized organization. Since 2014, the company has installed hundreds of Oilon heat pumps in Finnish homes, apartment buildings, and industrial properties under the leadership of CEO Saija Hakonen. In recent years, the company’s focus has started to shift from single-family homes to heating solutions for large properties.

Hakonen used to serve as a software engineer in IT, but eventually decided to join the HVAC company owned by her husband, Jarkko. This is how Suomen Kiinteistölämpö was born. Today, the company serves customers with seven employees and a large number of subcontractors. The organization is just the right size to be agile, allowing the team to respond to varying customer needs. There is no lack of ambition in the company, which ensures their position a forerunner in developing innovative solutions and turning them into reality.

Local presence is a key value for Suomen Kiinteistölämpö. From the company’s standpoint, Oilon is an easy and reliable alternative.

“It’s quick and easy to get heat pumps and parts to the customer site, which means that our backs are always covered and everything is much simpler. We can have a clear conscience when giving out promises such as warranties, as we have good knowledge of the company’s product, production, and operation,” Hakonen says.

Suomen Kiinteistölämpö and Oilon have been partners for more than 10 years. Co-operation between the companies is tight. For example, the partners develop products together based on customer needs. The companies’ long shared history and intimate understanding of each other’s business makes product development easier. Additionally, problems can be solved quickly, and the partners are able to provide excellent support both to customers and each other.

“We’ve received excellent technical support from Oilon, and  their sales support really shines. Oilon’s share of our co-operation works really well,” Hakonen continues. “Of course, communication can be challenging at times, but luckily we always know who to turn to, so things get done quickly.”

Hakonen feels that the best thing about her work is continuous development.

“It’s great to think up new strategies in a sector like this. Our partnership with Oilon goes even deeper – for example, we forward customer leads to each other,” Hakonen says.

Petri Virta, Oilon group’s export director for ground source heat pumps, praises Suomen Kiinteistölämpö’s growth and willingness to engage in co-operation. When both partners are willing to work out solutions together, customer satisfaction is improved.

“It has been wonderful to take part in developing Suomen Kiinteistölämpö’s ground source heating business, which has grown beautifully over the years. Suomen Kiinteistölämpö has grown from a company installing ground source heat pumps in single-family homes to a specialist in comprehensive solutions for large buildings and building complexes. The company’s growth story is second to none. It’s always a pleasure to work with an agile company, as this way, the end customer gets the best possible service,” Virta concludes.