More than 50.000 ground source heat pumps installed

Heat pumps are an environmentally friendly, economical, and efficient way to improve living comfort.

Ground source heating is an environmentally friendly and economical way to improve living comfort year-round. Heat pumps provide heating in the winter and can provide cooling in the summer. The popularity of ground source heating is based on its low operating costs, convenience, and small environmental footprint.

Oilon is a major Finnish ground source heat pump manufacturer

Our heat pumps represent holistic, environmentally friendly thinking across all seasons. A ground source heat pump works by extracting thermal energy from the ground. This energy is then used to heat your home and provide hot water.

As the sun heats up the earth, solar energy is stored in the ground. A ground source heat pump can utilize renewable solar energy stored in soil, bedrock, or even a body of water. A ground source heating system will typically reduce a property’s heating costs by 65–75 per cent.

Oilon ground source heat pumps are produced and sold under two Finnish brands, Oilon and Lämpöässä, both bearing the Key Flag symbol awarded for Finnish-made products. Our long-standing experience and expertise serve as a foundation for extensive Finnish heat pump know-how, which has allowed the company to create new model series. Oilon’s product development and testing represent the best in the business.

Quality through workmanship

Oilon’s ground source heat pumps are manufactured in the company’s upgraded heat pump factory in Lapua, Finland. High product quality is ensured through long-term product development and by testing each unit carefully at the factory. Based on our extensive experience and thanks to our wide product range, we can help our customers select an optimal ground source technology for every need. Our professional dealer network covers the entire Finland, and Oilon exports a significant number of ground source heating products to European countries every year.

Oilon and Lämpöässä heat pumps are developed for the Nordic climate. This requires exceptional understanding of the harsh requirements set by different seasons on both heating and cooling. Our decades-long experience and more than 50,000 climate-friendly heat pumps installed guarantee that what you get from us is a safe and reliable heating solution and an optimal solution for your need. Oilon and Lämpöässä heat pumps can be used both in new houses and renovated homes as well as large properties.

Our goal is to help our customers reduce their environmental load. By listening to the wishes and needs of our customers and by developing reliable heat pumps, we have achieved a new level of convenience and climate-friendliness in heating.