• Oilon, an international energy technology company, joins the ABB Energy Efficiency Movement
  • Energy Efficiency Movement seeks to increase the awareness of various stakeholders of the significance of energy efficiency, as well as initiate actions to develop a low-carbon society

Oilon’s goal is to promote sustainable development and set an example in the mitigation of climate change. It creates high-quality heat pump solutions that are also suitable for the most challenging industrial applications to improve energy efficiency. In addition, Oilon is a pioneer in low-emission burner technology with years of experience and it has comprehensive solutions for almost all renewable liquid and gaseous fuels, including hydrogen.

“We see the ABB Energy Efficiency Movement as an excellent platform to promote more sustainable energy use and production. Its goals also support our company’s purpose and business activities,” says Oilon CEO Tero Tulokas.

“Our heat pump solutions have often achieved carbon emission reductions of almost 90%, compared to the baseline. Our combustion technologies can reduce CO2 emissions from a few percent to tens of percent. At the same time, other harmful emissions are also significantly reduced,” Tulokas describes.

“Switching to more energy-efficient solutions has also been an excellent investment for our customers, especially in the face of rising energy prices.”

Considerable carbon dioxide emission reductions achievable through energy efficiency

With 45 percent of electricity in the world being used to electric motors in industry and buildings, improving energy efficiency is an essential strategy for reaching the climate targets required by the Paris Agreement. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced through energy efficiency measures by more than 40 percent within the next 20 years, and 50 percent of this reduction will come from the industrial sector.

Increasing energy efficiency is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change. It is also a significant factor as the sustainability requirements for companies’ operations increase and companies seek opportunities to cut the rising energy costs.

Both ABB and Oilon are committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Among 3,000 pioneering companies, the emission reduction targets by 2030 for the actions of both companies follow the most ambitious level of the SBTi.

“Reducing emissions from our own operations by improving energy efficiency is a key strategic objective for Oilon,” Tero Tulokas says.

“We have been combining Finnish competences in innovation with Oilon for many years already. For example, heat oil pumps controlled with frequency converters are a significant part of the solution when building a low-carbon society. We highly value Oilon’s actions to drive energy efficiency, which have already been under way for 60 years, and warmly welcome them to the Energy Efficiency Movement to build a more sustainable future,” comments Pekka Tiitinen, Managing Director of ABB Finland.

The Energy Efficiency Movement launched by ABB in March 2021 assembles an ecosystem that accelerates measures aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. The goal of the movement is to contribute to the mitigation of climate change through raising awareness and encouraging actions that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Stakeholders all over the world are asked to join the movement and make a public pledge as a means to inspire others to take action. Microsoft is one of the largest corporate partners to join the initiative so far.

Oilon is an international energy technology company whose products support sustainable development by directly and measurably reducing emissions. Oilon’s goal is to promote sustainable development and set a good example in the fight against climate change. As a 60-​year-old family business, Oilon wants to preserve the environment for future generations as well. Oilon manufactures high quality heat pump solutions that are suitable for even the most demanding industrial uses. In addition, it is a pioneer in low emission combustion technology with decades of experience. www.oilon.com

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries. www.abb.com 

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