Oilon and LeaseGreen – a partnership that lasts

Oilonin pitkä yhteistyö LeaseGreenin kanssa

Oilon and Leasegreen develop products and solutions together for large and complicated projects.

LeaseGreen is a Finnish company specializing in improving the energy efficiency of large properties. The company offers a comprehensive service package which includes technical and economical analysis, turnkey modernization of building systems, and AI-driven building performance optimization. LeaseGreen’s services reduce a building’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 10–60 per cent. The company is known in the industry as a trailblazer in innovative solutions and a workplace for nice engineers.

“We chose Oilon as a partner because they have a wide product range for large and complicated projects and the will to develop products and solutions together,” says LeaseGreen’s CEO Jonni Ahonen.

“Thanks to our long-standing co-operation with Oilon, our customers can be sure to get both a reliable system and both companies’ extensive heat pump know-how at their disposal,” Ahonen continues.

For LeaseGreen, working with a domestic supplier is not an aim in itself, but the years have shown the value of a partner with production facilities and an R&D team close at hand.

“Oilon is quick to react to problems, which is important to us,” Ahonen says. “Sometimes there are challenges in heat pump commissioning, but Oilon responds to queries quickly, which makes everything go smoothly. After commissioning, the heat pumps have worked exactly like high-quality products should,” Ahonen continues.

“LeaseGreen is an energy efficiency specialist. For our shared customers, this means big savings, increased property value and, naturally, successful projects completed together. It’s a pleasure to work with the LeaseGreen team, because they handle things with exceptional professionalism,” says Petri Virta, Oilon’s export director for ground source heat pumps.