Oilon Webshop serves customers every day of the year

From a customer standpoint, one of the biggest benefits of an online storefront is accessibility. Currently, Oilon Webshop serves customers in Europe, but there are plans to extend service coverage over the Americas in spring 2024.

The webshop’s largest customer group is Oilon dealers and the company’s contract partners. According to Oilon group’s Sales and Marketing Director Sami Pekkola, the bulk of the customers come from Finland, but the share of international customers is growing.

The webshop offers spare parts for all Oilon products. “Even though Oilon has been a burner specialist far longer than a heat pump business, heat pump customers have also found their way into our webshop,” Pekkola says.

Quick and easy
In Pekkola’s view, the biggest benefits of Oilon Webshop are the speed and convenience of shopping, and customers will definitely enjoy the competitive pricing as well. As an example of the convenience Pekkola mentions the serial number search. Introduced in early 2024, the feature makes the order process faster and easier for the customer. Users can search for spare parts for products made from 2016 onwards based on the product’s serial number.

Pekkola praises the webshop’s outlet section as another great new feature and one that is well-received and recognized by the customers. The outlet section offers a wide range of products at a special price.

Generally positive feedback
Customers can send feedback to Oilon directly from the webshop, and Oilon measures customer experience through, among other factors, feedback received. Customer feedback is regularly reviewed and discussed in work group meetings. For example, if a customer sends an improvement proposal, the group will consider if it can be realistically implemented. According to Pekkola, the user interface is one of the areas that has received updates based on feedback. Customers are regularly notified of such changes.

The feedback received for the webshop is generally positive, and the overall rating is good. The latest feedback report covered the views of 282 customers. Overall, they gave Oilon Webshop a score of 4.3/5. A large portion of the written responses highlighted the ease of ordering and fast delivery. Oilon Webshop is under constant improvement, and the company’s goal is to provide an even better shopping experience for all customers.

Welcome to Oilon Webshop!