Oilon organized an internal investigation into the sustainability of the company’s burner products. The primary starting point was the EU taxonomy, which sets requirements for investments that support sustainable development. The results were impressive: as many as 92 per cent of the company’s burner products met the criteria.

One of Oilon’s primary goals is to be a leading manufacturer of clean combustion technology. The company allocates more than 6 per cent of their turnover to product development. In recent years, Oilon has invested heavily in heat pump technology. However, clean combustion products continue to play a critical role in Oilon’s business.

“In the future, a substantial portion of combustion will be replaced by electricity-​based technology, such as heat pumps and electric boilers. This is especially true in low-​temperature applications,” says Oilon Group’s Chief Technology Officer Joonas Kattelus. There are still many applications where combustion is necessary. In ships and planes, for example, fuels are an excellent way to store energy. They can also be used to balance out the supply and demand for heating. In such applications, replacing fuels exclusively with batteries is not sensible. Correspondingly, process and industrial applications will continue to require the high output temperatures provided by combustion technology far into the future.

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