Our long-term expertise has culminated in efficient performance, reliability and low emission levels. Thanks to our vast experience in the combustion of various liquid and gaseous fuels we are now able to offer our customers burners and burner technology in the wide capacity range of 12 to 90 MW for several different boilers and applications.

Industrial heat pumps

ChillHeat aggregates are compact in size, reliable and easy to use. Multiple aggregates can be connected in a series for an efficient and flexibly operating whole. Versatile automation is one of the key features of the ChillHeat product group, ensuring the production of cooling and/or heating even under demanding process conditions. The flexible and easy-to-use interface guides the user in the energy efficient use of heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps

Oilon ground source heat pumps have the right equipment for every need; new buildings or renovation projects, small houses or large properties.