There is a very neat technical room on the ground floor of an apartment building in Heinola. RE66 real estate heat pumps provide environmentally friendly and economical heat there. The housing company switched to ground source heating at the beginning of 2020 and in the technical room of the apartment building, there is a board where the implemented, annual savings are marked.

Free energy with ground source heating, 300,000 kWh/year

The housing copmany used to have wood heating, which was switched to district heating, then oil and finally to geothermal heating. The energy consumption of district heating in 2018 was 426 MWh. It corresponds to an average of €36,000/year in heating costs (at the price of district heating 85e/MWH). From the beginning of 2020, the housing company switched to geothermal heating. Based on the data of the initial situation and living habits, the amount of free energy obtained from the country is estimated to be 299,179 kWh/year, which is a big saving for the residents and the environment. The realization will be monitored with the help of a board located in the technical space of the apartment building in the housing association, where the realized savings are recorded each year.

Property: Asunto Oy Heinolan Rauhankatu 12

  • Size: 1,792 m2, 35 apartments
  • District heating energy consumption at initial stage 426,000 kWh/year
  • 2 x RE66 ground source heat pumps
  • 2 x 750 heating buffer tanks
  • 2 x 750 litres domestic hot water tanks
  • 31 kW electric boiler to protect against malfunctions
  • Boreholes: 7 x 350 m

Installation was carried out by Lämpöpaja.