Oilon is delivering 20 low NOx burners to a massive district heating project in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Two large district heating plants with a heating power of 700 MW each will be serving new advanced residential areas of Astana, called Telmana and Turan.

The identical plants, which use natural gas as their primary fuel, will each host ten Oilon ACE burners.

“This deal is the largest for us in Central Asia to date and we see it as just the beginning,” says Taras Golub, Sales Director at Oilon.

Positive and significant market outlook in Central Asia

The continental climate in Astana brings winter temperatures as low as -30°C or -40°C. Previously, the heating solutions in the city, which has a population of 1.4 million, were very localized and fossil-fuel based, relying on light fuel oil and heavy oil that resulted in high emissions and poor air quality.

Now, Astana is taking a lead in investing in gasification, and smaller cities are likely to follow. A major driver for energy technology improvements in this former Soviet market is their newly formed government with a new, more western-oriented approach to politics and a focus on improving the quality of life for citizens and allocating resources to support this goal.

“Kazakhstan is contributing to the green transition, applying the most stringent European and North American emission level standards. Along with high performance, clean combustion was a top priority for the client, and the burners’ emission levels are well below the European standards”, says Golub.

“This pioneering project is a great example of how the government is investing in regular people’s lives. The new district heating power plants will be an important step towards a more environmentally-friendly way of keeping citizens warm and improving air quality.”

Fuel flexibility and low emissions

Oilon’s delivery includes three types of ACE burners: models GT-70A, GKT-70 A, and GT-90 A. ACE burners can typically reach NOx emissions as low as 60 mg / nm3 and adding flue gas circulation NOx can reach emission levels as low as 30 mg/nm3.

“Along with low emissions, Oilon ACE burners have a high capacity and performance, making them a great reference case for us in this market. They are also fuel-flexible, with natural gas as the primary fuel and the ability to use light oil as a secondary backup when needed,” explains Anton Spiridonov, Regional Director at Oilon.

In addition to the 20 low NOx burners, the delivery package also includes the designated combustion air fans and automation.

“This case is a great example of our ability to provide clients with a ‘full package’, including not only the burners but also the related equipment and software,” says Spiridonov.

Oilon’s entire delivery will be ready by the end of this year, with the entire boiler plant project estimated to finish in 2025.

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