Oilon Group, a Finnish-based forerunner in energy and environmental technology solutions, has appointed Attorney Risto Ojantakanen as a member of their Board of Directors.

Ojantakanen is a well-known figure in the energy sector with wide experience in strategic corporate management, international business, and cross-border business integration. He has served in a multitude of managerial and advisory roles in leading energy sector firms, and he has outstanding expertise in market development and understanding of challenges in the energy market.

Ojantakanen brings valuable knowledge and expertise to the Board. His strategic vision and managerial skills will support the company’s growth as a global supplier of energy solutions.

Oilon’s CEO Tero Tulokas is extremely pleased with Ojantakanen’s appointment. “Risto’s expertise in the energy sector is invaluable for Oilon’s future.” Tulokas emphasized the company’s commitment to responsibility, innovations, and sustainable development, each of which Ojantakanen can promote through his work in the Board.

Risto Ojantakanen is excited to join the Oilon Board and support the company’s goals. He is a firm believer in the company’s potential and ability to meet the changing needs of the energy market.

Oilon Group continues its growth and commitment to sustainable energy and environmental solutions. Thanks to their new composition, the Oilon Board of Directors is ready to push the company forwards and create innovative and responsible solutions for the challenges present in the energy sector.