The green transition is good news – also for Oilon

Oilon - kohti asteen parempaa

The energy revolution is rapidly changing the environment we live in. Governments, businesses, and industrial operators around the world are working towards minimizing emissions from fossil fuels and finding new carbon-neutral solutions for energy production. This development has a strong impact on our operations and is reflected in our company look.

In recent years, global objectives and actions associated with the fight against climate change have shaken companies to their core. Energy plays such an important role in our society that it is the companies operating in the energy sector who face the greatest pressure to enact changes. To gain control of global warming, we need to find new ways of producing and consuming energy. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions are especially harmful and need to be reduced to a minimum. Oilon’s customers are driven towards this goal by their own ambition and governmental steering, such as emission permit rates. Oilon provides solutions for climate change Oilon plays a key role in solving the clean energy puzzle. Already today, Oilon offers advanced energy technology which promotes sustainable development by reducing emissions in an effective, measurable way. Published in 2022, the Oilon’s revised strategy places the focus of the company’s R&D and overall business on technologies that support the fight against climate change.

Oilon is one of the leading combustion technology companies in the world with a proven track record of developing extremely low-emission combustion solutions. In addition, Oilon burners are compatible with low-carbon or renewable alternatives to traditional fuels, such as different liquids and gases.

In recent years, Oilon has invested heavily in developing new heat pump technologies. One such investment was the purchase of a new production plant in Kokkola, Finland. This move quadrupled the company’s production capacity for large heat pumps. With their huge conversion potential, industrial heat pumps are one of the most promising alternatives for converting energy production to an emission-free form. For example, Oilon’s heat pumps allow industrial operators to utilize waste heat from their own processes or tap into renewable energy sources. As an additional benefit, using heat pumps will typically result in substantial savings in heating or cooling costs.

New strategy, new look

In many markets, Oilon is known for high-quality and innovative burner products. As the new company strategy emphasizes responsibility, Oilon will allocate more resources to heat pump sales and to promoting awareness of the company’s heat pump solutions. This means that in 2022, there will be changes in the Oilon look as well as our overall approach to marketing communications.