World Environment Day has raised awareness on environmental issues and action for the protection of our environment since 1974. The WED has a new theme and host city each year. This year’s annual theme is “Beat Air Pollution”, with Beijing hosting. Oilon has almost six decades of sustained effort in developing cleaner and more efficient combustion technology. Our emphasis during the last few years has been on developing clean combustion technology for gas, which is going to have a large impact in the future as the most polluting fuel, coal, is phased out. Most of contemporary energy production globally is based on burning fossil fuels, and the utilized technology has a central role in the efficiency of energy production and the resulting emissions. Oilon’s latest technology has been especially sought-after in China, which requires a high coefficient of performance and has the strictest standards for combustion emissions in the world after California. Both regions have seen significant improvement in air quality due to the strong regulation.  Tightening emission standards will oblige us to keep on evolving, and that is a challenge Oilon is keen to answer.


Moving forward, heat pumps are going to have a very central role in heating and cooling. Global climate change and air contamination force us to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Energy saving, renewable fuels and thoroughly utilized renewable electricity will be at the forefront of energy solutions in the future. The new government pledge strives to make Finland carbon neutral by 2035, and a leading Nordic energy company has estimated that heat pumps and renewable surplus electricity will produce most of their district heating as soon as 2050. Oilon foresaw this trend decades ago, and has almost 40 years of experience in developing and utilizing heat pump technology for ground heat, combined heating and cooling, and various recycling applications for waste heat. Technological solutions for a more ecological and less carbon-dependent future exist. We must have the political will to guide our society towards them.