• Data center heats Swedish homes

    22nd of January 2019

    Energy company E.ON and cloud technology company Online Group partnered up for a joint construction project in Vallentuna, near Stockholm,Sweden. Their new data center is one of the most ecologically advanced in the world. Cooling the center’s servers generates waste…

  • Oilon Selection Tool helps with product choice

    22nd of February 2019

    The Oilon Selection Tool is an application targeted at resellers and design companies, developed to
    facilitate the selection and dimensioning of a new product. Once the basic data of the target
    is entered, the application lets the user select a suitable p…

  • World Environment Day

    5th of June 2019

    World Environment Day has raised awareness on environmental issues and action for the protection of our environment since 1974. The WED has a new theme and host city each year. This year’s annual theme is “Beat Air Pollution”, with Beijing hosting. Oilon has almost…